*KDCOTW Announcement*

To our Knuckleheads:

You may have noticed that last week we did not feature a Knuckles Deep Crush of the Week. Half of this was laziness (on my part) and the other half was brainstorming. We’ve been honored to bring you countless weekly crushes that made those precious knucklehead hearts melt. From Emily Ratajkowski to Megan Fox to the lesser-known Sierra Egan, KDCOTW was loaded with unreal talent. However, as our Cheeseknuckles brand has grown, we are trying to find the best way to feature ladies at a grassroots level. We have a great, underrated pool of beautiful women here in Northwest Ohio that we’d like to take full advantage of. We love the ladies, this is well documented, but we also want to go about this the right way. So bear with us knuckleheads. You deserve the very best and you will get the very best.

Yours truly,

Cheeseknuckles Staff

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