Odell Beckham Is Once Again Attention Starved

Beckham finally had a good game with 8 catches for 222 yards but his antics were once again annoying. On Sunday he decided to “Propose to the kicking net” in one of the most desperate cries for attention that I have seen in a long time. He’s a 23 year old baby…


When I see him do these sorts of things I’m reminded of people who cryptically tweet or use social media to post open ended statements of desperation. We all know that someone – For example: “Such a rough day. I can’t believe everyone keeps butting their nose into my business… worry about yourself!” *As they just posted it for everyone to see.*

Nothing about his antics are helpful to the team or even creative. It’s all individually driven for attention which is evident in the below video. The guy wants nothing more than the lights to be flashing on him 24/7. (As long as things are going well. If he’s struggling just watch him pout)

In short, Odell is getting really old and I’m tried of watching him do anything other than catch a football.




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