Lebron James & The Indians Might Do Something MJ Never Accomplished

There are always ridiculous Michael Jordan and Lebron James comparisons floating around. Because of that I have no issue writing this article.

With the Cleveland Indians up 3-0 on the Toronto Blue Jays the unthinkable is becoming a real possibility. The city of Cleveland might win two Championships in the same year! Incredible when you consider they went 52 years without one!

So what changed with mistake by the lake? One man: LEBRON JAMES. If the Indians win the World Series the first person to thank is the hometown hero himself. LeBron doesn’t bat, pitch, or field but his influence on the overall mojo of Cleveland is palpable. I was in Cleveland for the Boston series and the entire vibe has changed. Before Lebron the Bauer drone accident would have been another failed “Cleveland” moment. Instead, it turned into a positive as the bullpen stepped up and dominated. Before Lebron the numerous Indians injuries would have ended a hopeful postseason. Instead it’s resulted in a next man up dominance.

This is all important to consider when you compare the legacy of Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Should the Indians win it all,  you could argue that Lebron has 3 NBA titles and a World Series Championship. On the other hand, MJ had TWO baseball teams in Chicago that both failed during his time. Hell, MJ even played baseball for a brief stint and failed. Meanwhile, Lebron is winning from the party suite with Kevin Love and J.R. Smith while sipping a few Mai Tais.

All I’m saying is it must be considered. Cleveland didn’t just turn into a city of Champions by chance. The reason is hanging on a banner right across from Progressive Field.

PS: Not even Jesus could save the Browns. That task is too much even for Lebron. And don’t worry about this article jinxing them. Cleveland has changed, people.


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