Toledo’s Adam Street Zombie Crawl is this Weekend and we plan on Moaning all night long…

This weekend is the 7th Annual Adams St. Zombie Crawl in downtown Toledo, OH. The gang and I have always seen friends of ours partaking in the booze filled Halloween/zombie themed event. It looks incredible. A little fucking creepy but incredible. Everyone dresses up or applies makeup to give the appearance of a zombie crawling through the streets of Toledo. The only hope is that no one is on bath salts and actually attempts to eat other’s faces like a young man in Florida did a few years back.

Some of the best zombies are those who go as characters who have been bitten by zombies. Such as Tennis Pro Zombie, Hockey Player Zombie, Sexy Slut zombie would be a personal favorite but people have a shit ton of fun getting into character. J-Hoe says he won’t break character once, He’ll be dragging a leg behind him and will grunt and moan the entire time we’re out and about. I have a feeling we’ll be sexiest fucking zombies out there…Could you imagine hooking up with another zombie, shit would look hilarious. Two rotting corpses all horned up just lashing tongues. Get, get, get it! I strongly urge all our readers to join in on the fun and get painted up this weekend. They’ll have 3 stages of musical performances, 6 bars to bounce in and out of, as wells as food and beer trucks lining the streets. Should be a good ass time, you guys…

Here’s the classic music video of thriller which used to scare the shit out of us as kids…probably still pretty creepy.


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