Some Former MLB Pitcher Is Bitter Toward Tebow

bocvzleccaaku5e-480x640Ex- MLB pitcher Burke Badenhop (Ever heard of him? He has Fantastic Hair) who was a career journeyman had the following to say about Tim Tebow receiving $100,000 signing deal. I highlighted the sections that I have a problem with in red and addressed them below.

The problem for me arose when I heard he signed for $100,000, the equivalent of a bonus for a top ten round draft pick.  For some reason, it hurt.  It stung. …

I fully realize that Tebow will sell a lot of jerseys and will entice far more fans to come to the ballpark than I ever did.  From a business standpoint, he will probably be profitable.  But, as a former player, those ends don’t necessarily justify the means.  Taking a roster spot on a minor league team is one thing, but also handing a guy $100,000 is another.  This move comes in a day and age when minor leaguers are finally standing up and voicing their displeasure with how their salaries have drastically lagged behind the overall financial growth in our game.  I immediately thought of all the struggles you have as a minor leaguer — all of the two-bedroom apartments you end up sharing with five guys.  I would have killed for even a $5,000 bonus.

This sounds like a bitter bald man to me. It probably has more to do with the jealousy over Tebow’s incredible hair line. Hey Badenhop, it’s called a free market and Tebow deserves every dime he cashes in if someone believes he’s worth it. Of course it hurt and it stung a little bit. It hurt me as well because I make far less for a shit occupation. However, that doesn’t mean the lords disciple doesn’t deserve to cash out large. People all across this beautiful country are doing the same thing.

Additionally, “fully realizing” that Tebow will sell a ton of jersey’s is the point from a business perspective. Tebow is a celebrity and with that recognition comes benefits 99% of us will never enjoy. Sex with dimes on the reg, free clothes and gear, endorsement deals, and just a better life in general is the way it is. Look at the talentless Kardashians.

And your comment about sharing a bedroom apartment with 5 guys doesn’t sound so bad. Turn on an Xbox and you basically have a sleep over every single night. In college I loved living with my friends. That actually sounds like a benefit of Minor League ball to me.

And if you want, there are plenty of people out there that will pay you $5,000 to kill an enemy. It’s 2016. The dark web goes as deep as you want it to.

Nice play here though Badenhop.


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