Toledo Is Like The Ugly Girl From High School That Is Starting To Get Hot

I’ve partied in many places throughout my years. Boston, Cincy, New York City, BGSU, Columbus, Detroit, San Diego, OU, WVU, and the list goes on. In fact, there’s not one weekend since the start of college in which I didn’t consume at least one beer. In college I never missed an opportunity and they were typically filled with shots of starry nights and Lemon Drops.

Due to that I feel qualified to offer my opinion on the matter. Downtown Toledo is a great place to party. Like the chick that was ugly in High School, Toledo has since grown up and turned sexy. The 10 year reunion is turning some heads. She’s rocking  some hot ankle showing shoes and is new to the market which makes her adventurous. Now is the time to make a run at her…

Toledo is no longer the run down area it was even 5 years ago. The additions of bars, restaurants, business, and Hensville has helped it flourish into a damn good time. Additionally, the future looks bright as more plans are in place to continue its growth. I challenge everyone to take advantage of the hidden gem right in our backyard. She’s willing and ready!


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