Can We Stop with the ‘Against the World’ Thing?

Just stop. Its a horrible trend happening in our state and you dumb fans keep using it. It started a couple years ago with Ohio State’s run to the National Championship–more specifically, it started with this guy.c91412e9fe85b3cfdd021bbdb5dfe0c4.jpg

It has been used by a variety of fan bases in Ohio and, now most recently, with the Indians. Excuse me, Windians. Look, I am all about the Cleveland Indians and have no shame in admitting my bandwagon fandom. I did even have an Omar Vizquel tee back in the day. But today I saw t-shirts that said ‘Cleveland Against the World’ and tweets to accompany them. The hell you people talking about?

The world isn’t out to get you Cleveland. It ain’t out to get Ohio. I don’t understand the exhausting use of this mantra. Ohio State wasn’t facing the world on their way to a national title and the Windians aren’t facing the world in search of their first World Series in god knows how long. Yea, people hate Ohio State and people hate LeBron, but no one hates the Tribe. Heck, the Windians are probably the most lovable team in the playoffs, except for the Cubs. The world has better things to do than go against you Ohio State, and you Cleveland Cavaliers, and you Cleveland Windians. Okay, God probably hates the Browns, but you gotta just chalk that baby up as a L.

Anywho, I am extremely happy for LeBron and the Windians but can we stop fucking saying that phrase? Christ almighty!

Roll Tribe.


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