Fans That Run On The Field Or Hold Big Ass Signs Should Be Executed

In the 9th inning of last nights game, with the Indians just 3 outs from heading to the World Series the typical happened. Some fucking loser ran onto the field in a desperate attempt to gain some friends. The problem is that unless its some topless hottie, we’ve all moved on from this tired act. It’s unoriginal and boring.

My solution – Sporting venue’s across the country should secretly mount a sniper at the top of each stadium. Then, when the next fan runs on the field that sniper should execute them and it should be shown on TV. Maybe even just shoot them in the leg to suffer a bit before finishing him off. Once he drops, security should drag his limp body off the field and let the game resume as if nothing happened. You do this and I guarantee no one goes out there again.

Additionally, fans need to stop with the giant ass poster boards in the stands. First, it’s ridiculous that you had the time to make one. Secondly, how rude for the rest of us normal people who unfortunately get stuck sitting behind you. No! Kipnis will not marry you! Though he might bang you… He will however hit a bomb and I would like to see it.

Some of those girls were actually creative though. And of course the below video leads off with an OSU fan.




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