International Sloth Day

As I was paroling social media, I noticed today was International Sloth Day. A slight grin was induced and I thought to myself, is there an animal that is simultaneously as ugly yet as charming as a sloth? Like, they ugly…but everyone loves em. That Zootopia movie had a whole 15 minutes dedicated to the molasses-moving animal. I get it I guess, they are slow, lazy yet interesting and surprisingly, very photogenic. Check these little, ugly bastards out…

And just because I’m me, check out this vid of the harpy eagle making a meal of a sloth.

Nature’s dope.


3 thoughts on “International Sloth Day

  1. C’mon G — you’re feeding into this craze. Why not blow up on these dumb “National [insert A ridiculous person, place, thing,or idea] Day” social media seems to love. Leave Ohio and the City of Cleveland out yo mouf. We, Cleveland fans have suffered long enough. Thanks. I hope you have an enjoyable and Happy Pumpkin Cheesecake Day tomorrow, knucklehead!

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