Red Bull Might Not Give You Wings But It Can Treat Bath Salts

Study reveals one of the energy drink’s additives is ‘the best thing’ to treat psychotic episodes

The energy drink touts itself as the best boost you can get – with the tag line ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. But its also contain taurine, an amino acid that is added to the drink. Taurine protects nerves and helps ease depression or psychotic episodes.

Breaking news in the world of energy drinks and a big boost for Red Bull. I for one don’t touch these things. It’s like gasoline in a can. Besides, in college I went through a phase in which I was downing Red Bull and Vodkas. It’s six years later and my heart beat is still off. I’m not sure it will ever recover.

I do see this as an effective means of chilling crazy people though. We’ve all heard about real life zombies all hopped up on bath salts and eating people’s faces. Maybe Red Bull can cure that? Who knows, the stuff is pretty powerful and I still don’t think we fully understand all the ingredients. Why did it take so many years to discover this? Red Bull has been around forever.

Red Bull also has the greatest marketing out there. They make their product look amazing by embracing the extreme sports. It pisses me off that my parents didn’t guide me into a niche sport like ping pong, dirt bikes, skiing, or diving. Instead I played football and baseball which gave me a 0% chance of making it big.



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