Windians World Series Bound… LET’S GET IT KNUCKLEHEADS!

What an incredible ride it’s been you guys… I know it’s been mentioned before I’m a Cleveland fan all around. I cheer for the Cavs, Browns, and the Indians but I can honestly say that I follow the Tribe with my whole heart. I grew up on them. My favorite player would change year to year based on each different position I played in little league. I went from a Jim Thome fan to Omar Vizquel and Robbie Alomar while playing middle infield. There used to be some incredible teams in Cleveland back in the day that fell short a couple times but here we are, back in business bitches!

Tito and Robert Perez still can’t believe how well he played.

This year…Is our fucking year! I hope you guys caught that game last night. A child was on the mound for us having only pitched 11 innings this year for the Tribe with one major league regular season start under his belt against the Kansas City Royals. Ryan Merrit, a 24 year old lefty, threw as dominantly as you can in playoff baseball. He went 4 and 1/3 innings and gave up 2 hits with 3 strikeouts. He was perfect through 3 innings. The dude was fucking incredible. The rest of the pitching staff was fire too.



The Indians have seen their fair share of injuries this year. We lost big players like Michael
Brantley, Yan Gomes, Danny Salazar, Carlos Carrasco, and the Most recent, idiotic injury, Trevor Bauer due to lacerating his pinkie finger playing with a fucking drone. In game 3 of the ALCS he started and was pulled in the 1st due to his gushing pinkie. Well that pinkie didn’t stop him from tweeting shit and clapping back at Jose Bautista the whiniest bitch in the MLB.

I realized yesterday that I’mt not a fan of the Blue Jays and could not be happier to leave Rogers Centre to head home to  Cleveland for the start of the 2016 MLB World Series. I watched the post game coverage and saw Terry Francona hug every single player, he looked at Kipnis and said “Let’s get this fucking world series!” He’s a shoe in for AL Manager of the year. With all the adversity this guy and his team has risen above he deserves it, but one last series baby, 4 more games and we could be World Champions in Cleveland once again. One more thanks to Lebron for getting us this far but you have to give these Indians credit, as Kipnis said in an interview last night “we’re dogs hit, but we’re awesome” battling through everything. This is the most exciting baseball there’s been in years.

Two guarantees: If we win the whole thing, 1. I will bawl my eyes out and 2. I will be getting a tattoo like a crazed fan. Something classy tho, Not chief Wahoo’s face or anything. Maybe Slider? or the Mustard Covered hot dog from the hot dog races…

4 more Believeland…4 more.

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