Bill Gates, The World’s Richest Man Eats Big Macs – Of Course He Does

Bill Gates is worth an estimated 81 BILLION dollars and is also a man with incredibly impressive taste buds. Despite having Billions, he enjoys The Big Mac above all else. Months back we held a poll “Big Mac vs. Whopper.” Obviously the Big Mac won,  and today Gates endorsement solidifies it’s title. If it’s good for Bill, it’s good for all.

No joke, when I eat a Big Mac I close my eyes and chew super slow. And when I’m down to one last piece I jam it into my lower lip like a dip for longer lasting enjoyment. Shit, I even wrote about fucking a Big Mac at one point… It’s without a doubt the greatest burger to ever grace this globe. The mix of sauces, breads, meat and toppings is like a perfectly written melody, relaxing me to my core.

Apparently when Gates is on the road he is constantly scarfing these suckers down. So much so that I doubt his wife lets him feed that addiction while at home.

Overall, I hope to one day eat a Big Mac with Bill. We could enjoy together.

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