“Friday” on Friday- Classic Clips

Who would’ve known that Big Dick Rick Muntz was such a big fan of the “Friday” films starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker? Rick is the most interesting man in the world I tell you. Anytime I get a chance to hang out with the guy he peels back another layer of the onion and reveals something new about himself. Him and I sat around last night when there was nothing else on while waiting for the Cubs Dodgers game. This 1995 flick is a classic, stupid as hell but it’ll get your ass laughing… This is probably Chris Tucker’s greatest role as “Smokey” the weed dealing, pot head, getting Craig into shit he doesn’t want any part of…

“I’d knock the dust of that PUS-SAY”

One thought on ““Friday” on Friday- Classic Clips

  1. This is right in my wheelhouse….. I’ve been watching this since I was 7/8 years old (parents no where to be found) and could easily recite every line in this classic. The other Fridays are pretty good, Mike Epps is funny as shit, Kat Williams even makes an appearance in one, but no one replaces Smokey from the original.

    My favorite line comes in the opening minutes:

    “Well fuck you! You half-dead motha-fucka! C’mon sista!” — from the Old Church Lady
    After Craig slams the door on them, passing out gospel pamphlets. Sets the tone immediately! LOL

    Side note: Most of this basic broads that always say “Bye Felicia” on social media and everyday life, have no idea that it originated in this 1995 cinematic classic!

    I could write all day. I give this Friday Classic Clip – 5 out of 5 knuckles. Kudos Stink, got me reminiscing on this dreary autumn morning.

    And i’m out…


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