STD Levels Have Reached A Record High And I’m Worried People Will Blame BGSU!

For years people have referred to Bowling Green State University as “BGSTD”. Let me just say that notion is a total myth that’s been going on for years. As a proud alumn I know a ton of people that attended BG, and though some occasionally caught a hot itch or a cock cold, for the most part the STD’s were rare, treatable, or at least concealed. I didn’t see herp lips wandering around the campus during my 4 years. Not once!

I say all of this because according to a recent CNN poll STD’s in the United States have reached a record high and I’m afraid everyone will blame BGSU. The easy scapegoat.

BGSU is not the STD capital of the world.

The rumor that the University is overflowing with STDs has been around since Nov. 11, 1985, when The BG News reported that one in 10 female students on campus had tested positive for chlamydia.

But the actual statistic was that one in 10 women that chose to be tested for chlamydia ended up testing positive.

Barbara Hoffman, health promotion coordinator at the Wellness Connection, can’t believe that this misprint has soiled the University’s reputation for so long.

“It’s amazing how strong this can be, this urban legend,” Hoffman said. Link To entire Article

BGSU might be horny but that’s normal. The winters are frigid and screwing is often the only means of staying warm. Could the student body be safer? Of course, but we MUST stop this hurtful assumption!

Wrap it up America! Jesus!

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