Grandmother Suing KFC Chicken For a Half “Full” Bucket Of Chicken

New York grandmother sues KFC for $20M over ‘false advertising’ after returning home to find her $20 bucket half full.

  • Ann Wurtzburger, 64, of Dutchess County, is seeking damages from KFC
  • Says she bought a $20 chicken bucket this summer but was disappointed
  • Claims the bucket looked nothing like the ad’s overflowing container
  • KFC, who previously offered her coupons, called the suit ‘meritless’

‘I came home and said, “Where’s the chicken?” I thought I was going to have a couple of meals,’ Wurtzburger told the New York Post


Of course she was pissed off – I don’t agree with suing but I understand her bitch. The same thing happens when you get a bag of chips and half the bag is empty. The old saying “Is the glass half full or half empty” does not come into play here. When it comes to chips or KFC it better always be Full, NOT half anything.

“They’re showing a bucket that’s overflowing with chicken. You get half a bucket! That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed a whole family. They’re small pieces!”

Well, based on the picture I think she might be better suited with a half bucket and small pieces. Again, I agree with her complaint but scarfing down deep fried KFC chicken might not be the best course of action here. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for Ann.

‘It’s the principle of the matter,’ Wurtzburger told CBS. ‘Sometimes you gotta hit people where they feel the hurt. For me, a corporation like that – would be in the pocketbook.’

And this is where Ann loses some credibility. Apparently KFC offered her a $70 gift certificate in response but that was not enough. Turns out she’s retired and relies on social security benefits. She says she considered her KFC meal a rare treat.

Maybe they could let Ann star in those horrible and creepy KFC commercials as a source of income.


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