I’m the worst at doing make up…but shit is it fun!

Like I said, I’m the worst at doing make up. I’m a dude…I never have to wear the shit because let’s face it, I’m handsome as hell. I have the male equivalent of make up though, “the beard”. Men can grow facial hair as a way to produce a different look than what the public is used to.

“You think this was in accident? All this right here, premeditated partna, you gotta stinkhighlight your attributes”

Girls are truly magicians with make-up. They somehow hit the zombie crawl and show up
sexy with fake blood and cuts on their faces. Now, lets be honest with their clothing, they tear up their shirts so you can see their tits like it’s no big deal. Subtle ladies, subtle… Back to it though, I looked like a god damn rodeo clown/ghostly pimp on Saturday. I had placed so much white base on my face that I was nowhere near looking like a zombie. I looked like hell and it was well documented as Ted put me on blast but shit did I have a blast. Ted and I agree, getting dressed up/did up with make-up and allowing ourselves to be someone else is up there on our list as Halloween has now moved into our top holiday. If you can’t make fun of yourself and get into the mood of goofing around get the hell outta our way.

Saturday we had 5-6 guys in the basement nest throwing on make-up we looked like idiots but it was funny as shit seeing what one another could do with the limited supplies we had. The Halloween weekend is upon us and I plan on throwing a little make up one more time before it’s not acceptable to look like a jackass.

Tear it up this weekend Knuckleheads!

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