Nobody Takes My Movie Suggestions Serious And I’m Sick Of It

Every Sunday we at the Nest discuss possible Sunday night movies to cap off the weekend. The process of choosing a flick typically involves some back and forth discussion about genre, theme, and mood. It also never includes a movie I suggest.

To date, I have continuously suggested two kick ass flicks and for months these options are shot down with “I’m not feeling that.” The two movies that I have been suggesting are “Gone Girl” and “Straight outta Compton”

Why they don’t listen to me is confusing. I’ve officially taken their resistance as a personal dig, and it hurts. I have incredible taste in movies and the apparent lack of trust has me assuming there’s a deeper meaning behind being shot down.

Do they not like me? Do they not trust me? If any of you have ever seen Gone Girl or Straight Outta Compton please support my selections. Next Sunday we better watch what I want. Last night we tried to watch two Stink selections. We didn’t even make it halfway through either of them.

Great calls, Stink!


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