Ole Coyote’s Karaoke Corner, this guy is a real talent!

This past weekend we slid over to Ole Coyote’s crib for a few pilsners and old fashion fun. If you know Coyote, you know the guy is an all around talent. He can sing, he can dance, he can joke, his snap chats are tip top, top notch comedy, and he can make one helluva guacamole dish. This dude just oozes of confidence and sex appeal.

While we were at his house for the evening we hooked up my phone and played tunes while singing over two microphones on some real duet shit. He made a good point while absolutely killing it to some JM aka John Mayer. If you’re going to sing the song, you better fucking know the lyrics. He said he was tired of the bouncing ball bullshit you see on Karaoke machines. If you get a chance you gotta see this guy in action… His go to song is that of a young Stevie Wonder in “You can feel it all over”

add him on Snapchat: griffinlloyd

He is the Fox and Foxy he is…


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