Spoiled, Spoiled Ohio State Fans

Saturday the Buckeyes lost a stunner in Happy Valley to Penn State. Never in a million years did I think this would happen, but it did. What ensued moved me to laughter and rage. Immediately after the game my twitter, text messages, and Facebook blew up with fans critical of the OSU program and Urban Meyer. Some even calling for Urban’s head.

For many of those outbursts I’ll blame alcohol as it was a Saturday night and the BAC levels were high. For those that were serious, please shut the hell up! In 5 years at OSU, Urban is 56-5 with a National Title and a BIG Ten Championship. Keep in mind that he just lost his first game of the season with the youngest team in college football. I point this out  because life is all about perspective. Try going 2-5 the last 7 weeks like I’ve endured with Notre Dame… Every morning I walk around with a fake ass smile and act like life is just fine. In reality it isn’t. I’m sad as hell and it hurts even more when I see Buckeye fans acting like victims to a rough call (It was PI) or bad coaching. Spare me! I would give both my nuts, my head of hair, a few fingers, and possibly murder someone for a 56-5 record. You spoiled assholes need to keep in mind that many of us aren’t enjoying the same success, and it’s downright rude to act like a victim. That’s reserved for someone like me who is ACTUALLY struggling, ACTUALLY sad, and ACTUALLY worthy of LOSER tears. There’s only so much sadness in the world and all of that is reserved for me at this point. You get nothing! Stay back from the ledge. It’s only got room for one person to jump… How sad am I? I bought two puppies two weeks ago. The presence of puppies is the only thing keeping me going at this point. Think about that for a second.

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