The Cubs & Indians Have Me In A Pickle

Other than the Red Sox vs. the Cubs for the World Series, the Indians vs. the Cubs is the second biggest pickle I could have found myself in.

All year I’ve stated that the Cubs would win the World Series. They have the depth, the pitching, the hitting, and the manager. It was really a pretty easy predication. But now with the Cubs 4 games from completing my call, I’m torn.

Uncle Stink and Mr. Reproduce are two of the biggest Indians fans I’ve met. I know they are pulling for the Indians with all their worth. On one hand I want to see them happy but on the other hand I never like to be wrong. I’m a genius when it comes to sports and that bodes poorly for the Indians. When I predict things it typically happens. It’s just the way it is. (Unless I put money on the prediction. Then I lose)

However, in this one rare instance I will be cheering for the Indians. I will take the medicine and swallow my pride. After an entire season of being right,  I now hope I’m wrong. I also hope the Indians bandwagon has room for one more guy because Ted is all aboard… Do I think they win it? Honestly, no, but I will be cheering for them as hard as I can.

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