Gilbert Arenas sure is a dumb ass… $111 Million contract comes to end & he’s broke?

This dude has been doing some stupid shit for quite some time. His $111 million contract is coming to an end even though the last time he played professional ball was back in 2011 when he was waived by the Orlando Magic. This outrageous contract that’s about to expire was with the Washington Wizards. He says now that the contract is going to expire he won’t be able to afford private schooling for his kids. Where da money at playboy?!

Once the checks stop coming from the NBA he will be making 6 figures $169,895 per year…based off of investments he’s made. That clearly won’t support his expensive ass taste in cars, homes, women, etc. But he’ll make time to do some stupid shit on the side like sliding through another dumb ass NBA player’s crib, Nick Young. Calling him out for cheating on his old fiance…my god.

Gilbert has no fucks to give as you can see from his instagram, it’s a solid follow…
IG: No Chill Gil

I mean look at the caption, the dude is absolutely ruthless… Savage Life!

Source- TMZ

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