Uber’s Driverless Truck Drives 120 Miles To Deliver Beer

A self driving truck made its first commercial delivery run in the US, carrying a vital cargo to a depot in the Rockies: thousands of cases of BEER.

The automated semi took to the open road as part of a partnership between the brewers of Budweiser and ride-hailing firm Uber.

It made the 120 mile journey from Fort Collins to a depot in Colorado Springs, without a driver behind the wheel – a first for commercial cargo delivery and driverless technology.

Magical! Beer coming to a stop near you on it’s very own. Crates of ice cold Chimay rolling in without the disturbance of a human. I’m not all about the driverless push but if we can start shipping brews why not?


My only concern is that this was a pretty simple route. Jesus, they didn’t challenge the technology one bit. They basically picked the straightest avenue possible and sent it on it’s way. Even I can remove my hands and travel straight for a good period of time… Next time let’s map out some turns and merging.




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