Cleveland Cavs Rings For Sale

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Cleveland waited a long time for a Championship but that doesn’t mean the fans should start purchasing Championship Rings like the players. This isn’t High School and you didn’t just graduate (Remember Jostens). This was a title , won by a roster, playing in a city.

I’m all for pride but spending anything over $5.00 on a ring that you did NOTHING TO EARN is just plain ridiculous. Go to the gas station and get one of those candy ring pops. Shit, its cheap and delicious. Or what happened to a celebratory bobblehead?

This falls right in line with the “Everyone deserves a trophy” mantra. It’s also a hell of a selfish money grab by the CAVS. They know their fanbase is so hungry that they will irresponsibly blow paychecks on these things.

Main Issue –  If the Indians win, all the residents in Cleveland dumb enough to buy a title ring just spent two months mortgage on a Cavs ring. No shot they buy two in one year to represent the Indians. None.

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