The Warriors Suck & It’s Time To Blow The Whole Thing Up

In their debut The “Super” Team Warriors got their asses handed to them last night against a Duncanless Spurs by a score of 129-100. Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Green now sit at 0-1. A game into the season and they are already more than 10% toward their entire loss total for last regular season.

It’s been assumed that this team will win 70+ games but we might want to pump the breaks. A key to the Warriors run last season was their bench, which has been depleted with the transaction of Durant. As a result, last night the bench recorded a total of 16 points and gave up 54. The Warriors also shot 7 of 33 from 3-point range and were out-rebounded 64 to 41. It will also be interesting to see how Curry handles a heavier workload. Last year he was the beneficiary of a ton of rest. This year he will be forced to play more minutes. Will his smaller frame hold up?

Sure it’s one game, but those numbers are startling. It’s also worth exploring the mental makeup of Durant. The dude seems to be going through some sort of mid-life, mid-career crisis. Sunday night he was seen in the mosh pit (If you can call it that) at a Kanye concert and this off-season he got a huge tat of Rick James on his thigh… Those two actions come off as a man searching for more.

In the end I hope this team continues to struggle. The past two years have really rubbed me wrong and their struggles make me happy.

Hell, I think it’s time to blow the whole thing up. Start from scratch and rebuild. There is little to no hope.


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