World Series Game 1 Windians, back at it! I don’t know if I’ll live to see the end of this thing…

Seriously, I’m hungover as hell right now. I got little to no sleep and I’m running on fumes here at the office. The Indians didn’t let me down last night and neither did the city of Cleveland. What a night in the 216! I got hammered and so did the Cubs and Knicks. I didn’t pay much attention to the Cavs last night as it was opening night for them but they did raise the banner and get their sweet ass rings. My attention was fully focused on the Tribe and they did not disappoint. 6-0 final, Kluber threw a gem, Roberto Perez blasted 2 home runs, and Andrew Miller Got himself out of a bases loaded jam. Incredible evening that like I said before, I’m unfortunately paying for today.

Once the pilsners were flowing they didn’t stop. Popped into a Cleveland and Ohio favorite, Great Lakes Brewery had a few then moved downtown in between Progressive(The Jake)Field and Quicken Loans where they had a big screen showing the game. That’s where we caught the first two low key runs scored. Like Ted experienced at the Cavs celebration parade it was a melting pot of people cheering as one for the Tribe to win. Ebony, Ivory, living in perfect harmony… Everyone was high fiving, Hell of an experience to share with absolute strangers. Rolled on down to City Tap, a bar that many of you know can also be found in Bowling Green, OH, to catch the rest of the game. The game ended at 11:47 and rolled around to a couple more bars as I waited the uber surcharge out till about 1:30 am. Got back to the lovely hotel around 2 and was up at 6 am to roll back for  work today…Worth it? I think so, hopefully Bauer can step up tonight and lead us to a 2-0 lead heading into Chicago but I’ll be watching this one with some Marco’s with my ass on the couch… #RollTribe

Like I mentioned earlier the cavs were playing across the street, check the fans reaction to the Indians taking a 2-0 lead.

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