That Time of Year Again: Breakout the Robe…

It’s depression robe season gang. Don’t get me wrong I love fall, the cool air and beautiful leaves changing color but with fall definitely kicks off that seasonal depression. Yesterday was an absolute haze and rainy, shitty cold night. Plus last night’s Indian’s loss and all around poor performance certainly didn’t help my mood. Tuesday Night I was riding high off that 6-0 shutout. Like I mentioned yesterday I got little to no sleep bed at 2 AM  up at 6 AM to head back for work. I was tired and cranky, I tried to avoid it bvut it was unavoidable, I threw my robe on. If you can’t imagine what that looks like here’s a perfect example. I’m Owen Wilson’s character in this scene, as you will see John Beckwith is in his robe…

“Hangin’ by a thread”

Here’s J-Hoe, reversing roles trying to light a fire under my ass tomorrow night:


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