Can you guys convince the Nest to participate in Movember? I’m in…

Movember is the growing movement of growing a mustache to raise awareness for men’s health in the month of November. Nobody does a better job of raising awareness than the Movember Foundation. Every year they challenge men to grow a nasty ass mustache to grab an eye or two. The foundation raises not only awareness but funds for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Men’s Health/Suicide prevention. So I urge you to grow a mustache to save our balls! I hear “save the tatas” throughout the month of October for Breast Cancer awareness, it’s our turn to protect our packages gentlemen. Rise to the occasion. I may have to shave my beard off for the Halloween costume this weekend so I’m on board for growing a stache. I challenge you all reading this to join in as well as the Nest members. I’ve participated two years ago, when my facial hair didn’t necessarily grow in all too strong.


I mean that’s not terrible right?! Add a little “Just for Men” to darken that beauty up! It may get things spiced up in the bedroom too!

Check out these celebrities that have donned the furry lip a time or two.

Grow it out & show it out gentlemen!


One thought on “Can you guys convince the Nest to participate in Movember? I’m in…

  1. Yes u guys have to do it. Get involved at least. In one socal interest. It been my expierence that when I say I have not had a cold in forever I immediately get one don’t say IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME think of all those men who lost their tatas unable to do their favorite thing in the world.


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