What’s Up With So Many Women Dating Down?

Why does it seem like 90% of the women out there date down? Think about it. You never hear someone say “Shit, that guy could do so much better.” Instead you always hear “Shit, that guy outkicked his coverage.” It’s baffling to me. Women hold all the cards. The ass, tits, and looks that control a mans dick, yet so many women are posting pics and walking around with a 5 when they are a 7 or 8 on the 10 scale. Women need to carry some god damn confidence and shoot for the stars. Half the time I scroll through social media my reaction is just like Francos.


I have a theory on this – Some women date down because it provides them a level of comfort in the relationship. Some good looking Calvin Klein model like Uncle Stink could make a girl uneasy and potentially self-conscious. Measuring up to that level is a burden nobody wants to carry around so it’s easier and safer to find someone below. I get it… I feel the same way about the Cleveland Browns. The fact they suck is almost comforting because I know they’ll never go anywhere, impress someone, or break my heart. I’m as good as they get and expectations could not be lower, so I’m not worried. Nope. They ain’t going anywhere. I think the same holds true for a girl with a lower tiered man. No pressure, no worries, no expectations. Just you controlling the relationship and holding all the cards. Heartbreak and pressure removed.

And although I get it, I also question it. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. Go get that shirtless Calvin Klein model (Uncle Stink) because that’s what you want. Stop selling short for some goober ass dude going nowhere. You get one shot at youth, so don’t spend it with anything other than out of your league. Some day gravity is going to ruin all our bodies so we better cash in while we can.

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