Kid Cudi and Pharrell Team up, Drop Cudi’s 1st Music Video in Years

I know Cudi has been struggling personally and has been getting help but his music has seemed to take a step forward in a positive way. He’s always been chasing something different than the norm within music but he seems to have found his stride in “Surfin'”. I love Cudi and his style of music, minus his rock trial and error stuff, can;t blame the dude for trying, it just didn’t match up with my musical taste. I also love that he reps his state and city. He’s from “The Land” aka Cleveland, OH and can be seen in this music video with a “Kent” t-shirt on. Pretty Dope.

He’s got some high profile guests dancing and rapping along:

A$VP Rocky
A$VP Nast
Jaden Smith
& Willow Smith

and Check the mustache Cudi is rocking, just in time for Movember…

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