Sunday “Subday”!

We had a glorious day of eating yesterday. The local Anderson’s market makes incredible party subs that have the freshest ingredients and the best bread to compliment those ingredients.We just had to have them, been craving them for 2 weeks now so we went big! We got two 3-foot long subs thats 6 total feet of sub, along with some french onion and mexicali dips for our chips. Those we’re basically just a warm up for the devouring of the subs.

Ted and I may have eaten 5 of the 6 feet of sub by ourselves. At one point we cut off a portion took one bite and decided that was not enough to curb our appetite so we cut off another portion. I could not have been happier with my meal yesterday. Took a break from the traditional Sunday bdubbs and I’ll tell you this I feel 10x better today than a typical Monday. I’m not sprinting to the bathroom from saucy wings side effects…Ted and I may have eaten a solid 4,000 calories yesterday but it was so god damn good. I don’t feel an ounce of remorse. Honestly besides the Indians game last night the only thing I could think about was the fucking subs. Mouth is watering as I’m typing this in.

I may head back there today for some more sub…

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