Kim Jong-Un Can Straight Up Ball

To hell with the MJ and Lebron comparisons. The incredible wild card, who is better than the two of them combined is Kim Jong-Un. Check out this stat line from a recent game.

Capture.PNGAre you surprised though? Kim Jong-Un’s father holds numerous world records. He comes from great pedigree which makes him a supreme athlete. I mean, just look at the guy. Body fat must be around 4%, and his vertical leap outstanding. A pure shooter with the ability to drive. His only flaw is he never passes. NEVER. But what Supreme leader would pass? I know I don’t.


Below are notable sports feats that his father “accomplished”:

Won every gold, silver and bronze in every event of North Korean Summer and Winter Olympics (still a North Korean record.)

–The Supreme Leader’s Announcement that he was “Taking his talents to Pyongyang” still most watched show in history ot ESPNK.

–During his first-ever game of H-O-R-S-E, he dunked a basketball so hard it scared the AIDS out of Magic Johnson.

–Once hit a bunt walk-off grand slam…when he wasn’t even playing baseball.

–Currently in possession of every hat in North Korea because of the one time he played hockey.

–Once gave Derek Jeter an autographed baseball after a one-night stand.

–Outdid Evel Knievel by jumping the Grand Canyon. With his legs.

–Wrote “One Shining Moment.” Also with his legs.

–Scored World Cup-winning goal with an epic bicycle kick. Without his legs.

–First man to ever run the 4-second mile.

–Was the guy who drilled Santa Claus with the battery at that Eagles game a few years ago.

–Has never had to attempt a second serve.

–Body-slammed Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and King Kong Body simultaneously to win WrestleMania IV.

–The “NBA Jams” video game is a digital documentary of King Jong-Un’s real life basketball skills.

–Was inspiration for Sylvester Stallone’s character in “Over the Top”

–Taught Tim Tebow everything he knows



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