Proper Butt Munching – Yes WE Went There


This is a very touchy and taboo subject butt here at Cheeseknuckles we write about what you silently think… Over the past few years ass eating has really taken off. Believe me. The sexual act has become popular with Millennials and is common practice amongst a very experimental age group . Just google – “The year of Eating butt” and tons of articles will pop up. I’m not the kinky one making claim. I’m just stating internet facts.


Butt with that – I think a lot of first time ass eaters have a misconception about the proper etiquette. Eating butt doesn’t mean tongue diving like a cliff jumper. NO! You don’t tongue bang it. You tickle the edges with fly bys like a thunderbird jet buzzing the tower. Imagine yourself as Maverick after an amazing aerial assault with your partner (Goose). Oh, and it’s also polite to ask permission like Maverick. But don’t be afraid to occasionally catch them by surprise! Below is an example… Just graze the damn thing. Seriously, if you are going all out you are a sicko.

It’s also smart to inspect the backside and make sure it’s spit shinned. 20 minutes before venturing down South a conversation and proper hygiene is a must. I would also suggest a big bowl of plain white rice about an hour before as well. No Soy Sauce, Hot Sauce, or additives. And NO Chipotle whatsoever!


Finally, don’t be out of control about the whole thing. Be romantic between the cheeks. Kiss the bum, touch over the thighs, be gentle. Also, don’t gossip about it with your friends and don’t act alarmed if you are asked to try! It’s 2016 and I swear, you are not alone. Like I said, the internet is full of topics revolving around this so it’s certainly happening in bedrooms across the country. Everyone is just too wimpy to bring it up.

My main point. Don’t look like Rickie Rich here.


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