Christmas(Winter) is Coming!


Obviously the weather has been a little different this time of year as we’re still getting rocktree16_jpg.pngdays in the 70’s, which hey, you can’t complain. But as warm and nice as it is Winter and Christmas is coming… With the passing of Halloween, I know there’s numerous people anxious to start up there Christmas music which seems a bit premature. At least get through Thanksgiving first. I did mention to the rest of The Nest, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to string our Christmas/Holiday lights while it’s nice out, may actually get a sweat going with this Indian Summer we’re currently enjoying.

J-Hoe, Rick Muntz, and I bust out into a carol for no apparent reason but shit did we sound
fantastic! I did see that Rockefeller Center has picked out their Christmas Tree for the Holidays already which call me a dumb ass but I didn’t realize that motherfucker was real… Look at the size of this baby!

They’ll cut the tree down November 10th(day before my birthday *wink* *wink* for Uncle Stink) and have it delivered 2 days later. The tree is from Onenta, NY and will be decorated with over 50,000 lights. It will be displayed from November 30th-January 7, 2017. It is fucking insane that it’s November already and we’re almost into 2017. I, for one, love this time of year. Soak it up knuckleheads!

Here’s a video that J-Hoe and I rock while chilling during the Christmas season. Isn’t this shit peaceful…

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