For my health and sanity, please Tribe…One last W!

karmaThe jokes are over in Cleveland losers… I don’t care that the Cavs came back from a 3-1 deficit or that the Warriors “Blew” a 3-1 lead. Why didn’t you just chalk it up to us being better rather than making fun of them? I understand the hatred for the Warriors, I truly do, but I believe in bigger forces in the Universe that can comeback to haunt you. That’s why I keep my god damn trap shut just like the rest of you should have until we lock down our 2nd championship. I’ll be saying some prayers before 8:08 PM tonight and washing those down with a heavy dosage of Busch Light until I feel the side effects. I want you all to neglect the fact that Ted has been right about the Cubs. I’ve grown tired of them quickly. Let’s Rallly Together one last time and go out on top as Windians, please oh , merciful god, please!

Lets get this motherfucking win tonight knuckleheads or I may be in the streets lighting shit on fire or flipping fucking cars over… and who doesn’t want to see Mike Napoli in the streets of Cleveland like this…



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