Gawker And Hulk Hogan Settle For 31 Million

Shuttered online news website Gawker Media LLC has reached a proposed $31 million cash settlement with Hulk Hogan, the former professional wrestler who obtained a $140 million judgment against the site over a leaked sex tape. – Reuters

Not a bad payday for pounding. This is the same reason I’m trying to get Rick Muntz into porn. The money is real and its fantastic. In many cases I’d feel bad for the personal heartache an individual exposed sexually on camera must feel. However, with the Hulk, I don’t think it really bothered him. The man is an entertainer. Shit, I owned his stuffed animal doll back in the day and he was practically naked 24/7. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always respected him. I’m naked or in boxers 85% of the time at home. I get yelled at constantly for it.


I’m sure all the Knucklehead guys out there owned one of these dolls (They were cool dolls). J-Hoe and I had two of them. I used to stick wall tacks in the Hulk’s nose and eyes… It was pretty messed up in hindsight.


Overall I’m just glad the man got his 31 million. I’ll get filmed for 31 million any day of the week and for free on the weekends.

PS: Notice how I didn’t post this under the “sports” tab. Shit is not a sport.


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