One More Win And Everything I’ve Said About The Cubs From Day 1 Will Have Come True

I don’t want to be right. Trust me. I don’t.  But unfortunately everything I’ve said about the Cubs from day one is coming true.

On April 15th I wrote: This Is The Year – Chicago Cubs – Outcome: The Cubs had the most plate appearances and their discipline earned them the highest walk percentage in the Majors. Unfortunately I was wrong in saying they would lead the MLB’s in OBP – Sorry, they were second to the Red Sox by a cunt hair.

On April 22nd I wrote: The Cubs…I Told Ya – In this piece I highlighted the Cubs ability to pile on the hits in bunches. I also praised Arrietta as the horse of the staff. Hmmm – Arrietta is 2-0 this World Series.

On July 25th I wrote: Cubs To Win The World Series – In this article I gushed about the pick-up of Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees. I even wrote this specifically: “For Uncle Stinks sake I was hoping the Indians would make a move for him.” – HMMM. And what do you know? Aroldis Chapman is arguably the MVP of this series. He has shortened the last two games and shut the door on the Indians.

At other points throughout the year I wrote about Kris Bryant’s greatness. Ps: He has two HR’s the last two games and he went 4-4 last night.

In the end I hope like hell I’m wrong for the last game. I really want to see the Indians win. The problem is that I’ve been shockingly correct. And that’s usually not the case with sports. Also – some hatters out there will say “Oh, good one, you picked the best team in baseball to win the World Series. How risky of you…” To that I say screw you. Plenty of “favorites” don’t win year in and year out. It’s never a guarantee.



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