Hangover City- My World Series Experience

I love you Cleveland Indians… with all my heart. I couldn’t be more proud of what this team accomplished this year. I tried my damnedest to be positive throughout the year and it was easy with the amount of wins and the roll they went on this season. I didn’t want to make any excuses going into this World Series but this felt eerily similar to the Cavs in 2015 when they lost 2 of the BIG 3 in Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving being injured in the finals. Look what they did the following year in Cleveland… The Indians were without their #2 & #3 pitchers, Carlos Carrassco and Danny Salazar. We missed our starting catcher in  Yan Gomes and our starting center fielder, Michael Brantley, so if you really look at it we did fucking incredible with our talent being somewhat limited, with fresh faces all around, and asking guys to play positions they’re not used to.

This World Series will probably go down as the greatest in my lifetime. Game 7, extra Innings, unbelievable. I had many Busch Lights to get me through the night and I’m currently housing taco bell to get me back to life. It was a tough one to take on the chin last night but I truly believe in Believeland fashion we will be back next year making another push for a title. This post season was fucking magical all around. I have to tip my cap to the Chicago Cubs because they deserve a title with the all-star crew they have and for what Cubs fans have been waiting for, for 108 years. What a year they had and if there was anyone else in the MLB to root for it was them. That being said, I hate 3 people on the Cubs:

“The Scumbag” Aroldis Chapman
“The Dumb Hick” Kyle Schwarber

and last but certainly my most hated cub…

rizzo douche.jpg
“The Douchebag” Anthony Rizzo

God, do I fucking hate Rizzo, maybe more than I hate Tony Romo, and that’s saying something. Rizzo is a dude that will most likely walk around the streets of Chicago trying to gain friends telling people “I won a world series” and they may look at him and ask “who are you?!” He’s a fucking LOSER!!! Crowd the plate some more you fat fuck! alright, alright I’m done, but don’t be surprised if you come over to the nest and find his face kluberplastered on our dart board…

I actually handled the loss in stride last night looking like Kluber on the right here and again I didn’t sleep much and it’s all I can think about today. But life goes on and as Ted had mentioned before we welcomed another Knucklehead and Tribe fan into the world last night courtesy of “Mr. and Mrs. Reproduce” Ted forgot to mention the labor took only 15 minutes now that’s a championship win right there! Hopefully he can be our lucky charm for next year’s run…

Said way too often, there’s always next year…

Roll Tribe!

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