Indians Lose But The Knuckleheads Still WIN!

Son of a bitch! I’ll admit it now. Im a Red Sox fan. But it was a joy to watch the Indians play this postseason. Sure they lost, but texting Mr. Reproduce and tackling Uncle Stink during all the Indians successes brought me more joy than most people would understand. This was easily the greatest World Series of my life, and I owe the Indians that. I also credit Uncle Stink and Mr. Reproduce for their fandom. It’s unmatched.

And just to keep perspective – Mr. Reproduce and his incredible wife welcomed a near 9 pound baby boy into the world tonight. Does it suck the Tribe lost? ABSOLUTELY! But either way I’m glad I got to enjoy these moments with awesome people. The Indians will be BACK! And tonight a new Knuckle came into the world. When they finally do win, we get to enjoy it with him…

Uncle Stink and Mr. Reproduce: Thank you for letting me join your corner and for making room on the wagon.  I’ll be back whenever you need me. These moments make us stronger. (I think) One day we can enjoy a trophy with that beautiful boy. (Its all about perspective)

One thought on “Indians Lose But The Knuckleheads Still WIN!

  1. **woo, getting dusty in here**

    Man, what a friggin run. Appreciate you guys giving me an outlet to express my roller coaster of emotions that took place during this post-season. Memories that I will never forget and stories that I can pass along to MY SON (<—- that still unbelievable to me). Stay in touch fellas, keep doing what you do and this weekend, raise a glass to the new 8 pound 11 ounce Knucklehead!


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