GO CUBS GO – Steve Goodman

I’m sitting on break, watching this parade and it hit me. I cannot be the only one who thinks the “Go Cubs Go” song is catchy as shit!? I can’t stop stinging it. In the shower, the office, to Cait. It’s right up there with T- Swift and Bieber for an all-time guilty pleasure tune. Steve Goodman is a genius. The song hit #11 on the iTunes list yesterday. And it will be interesting to see how Uncle Stink handles this when we are in Chicago next weekend. He claims he’s wearing Tribe gear all weekend.

I don’t care who you are. That is magical in that stadium. So many Cubs fans have been sharing old stories about family and loved ones who never saw this day. Good for them.

Uncle Stink won’t be doing any of this… I assure you that.



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