Have a little more pride than that people…

It’s okay to improve upon oneself and being mobile in what you do. Move to a bigger city, chase your dreams and aspirations but don’t forget where you came from. A few years back I was in search of a vision I had in my head and wanted to leave the “glass city” I had claimed that “the glass city has shattered!” I’m proud to say that Toledo and Ohio are gaining some serious momentum. At the same time of my unhappiness of my surroundings I knew where I was from and wherever I had planned on going I would represent my hometown and my teams wholeheartedly. I’m still a little salty about this Cubs world series win and seeing people I’ve never seen before rooting/celebrating for them. Disgusting! Be real with yourself and true to your hometown and teams, even if they’re as shitty as the Browns… Where you’re from is what makes you who you are deep down. Cleveland was brutal and we’re NBA Champions, World Series Runner Ups, and 0-8…Stick with it, it’ll get better. “Only the Strong Survive” -Allen Iverson

419! Up in ya lounge! Sucka!

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