Squirrel Attacks A Retirement Community

A squirrel wreaked havoc at a Deltona senior living facility Thursday, according to 911 calls.

A 911 caller said the animal attacked people inside the Sterling Court apartments on Alabaster Way.

“We had a squirrel that entered our building, and it’s in our activity room, and it’s jumping on people and biting them and scratching them,” the caller said. “We need help. It’s still in there and people are bleeding.”

In the background of the call, people can be heard frantically yelling, “The squirrel is still in here.”

This was and remains a definite possibility at BGSU. In the years that I roamed campus I came across dozens of “friendly” squirrels. White ones, black ones, brown ones, you name it. These little fuckers would come right up to you. I never worried about being mugged by a human, but the squirrels were a threat.

Also – One time a buddy and I saw a squirrel that stumbled on a bag of McDonalds French Fries. The dude had them packed so tight in his cheeks that it looked like he would explode. Meanwhile he was frantically jamming as many as he could before his buddies showed up – Can  you blame him though? Just imagine being a human and coming across the most delicious meal imaginable. A meal that you simply found and a meal you will probably never get again. That guy would have killed over the fries.


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