Matthew Stafford & The Lions

For years I’ve heard Lions fans bitch and complain about Matthew Stafford and his apparent inability to win games and play as an effective franchise quarterback. Well, the reality is that he’s currently the best QB in the NFC North and I would give both nuts for him to be on the Browns roster.

So far this season the Lions have trailed in the 4th quarter of every game. Since 2011, nobody has more 4th qtr comebacks (19) than Stafford. And if you go back to 2009 he’s second with 25. Also, keep in mind that he’s putting up quality numbers this year despite the fact the Calvin Johnson is no longer an option to throw to.

It’s time to give the man props. Without Stafford the Lions would be in serious trouble. He’s been the glue and band aid that’s held the franchise together through coaching changes, bad defenses, and turmoil.

Sure his face is pretty chubby and it looks like he downs Budweiser, but that doesn’t matter when you have a cannon.

This throw is pin point and a rocket. I also love Tate, though he is a dumbass.


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