Whats Up With White People And Launching Foods Out Of Cannons

BRIDGEVILLE, Del. — A pumpkin cannon explosion injured two people as a piece of the cannon hurtling through the air toward people behind the cannon. Cries can be heard from the crowd as some people rush toward the spot where it landed at the “Punkin Chunkin” competition Sunday.

Police say a 39-year-old woman was hit in the head and face and was critically injured. A 56-year-old man sustained non-life threatening injuries. Master Cpl. Jeffrey Hale says they were observing the event, but he declined to elaborate.

Ever notice how many white people love blowing up or launching foods? You never see a black person with a potato gun launcher or in a field bombing pumpkins in celebration. It’s truly a weird obsession that I will never understand. Rednecks absolutely love potato guns and the internet is littered with disastrous outcomes. Someone needs to research this phenomena.

Just look at these examples of white people…

“You got this sister, you’re super, super close. Right in the kisser” – And then I love how she wants her to keep going….


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