Reggie Bush, baby 3 months away and $3mill in the hole? Cmon Man!

Word has it that Reggie Bush’s mistress, who is also married, is 6 months pregnant with his child. He bribed her with $3 million to have an abortion early on but here we are 3 months away and $3 million less in Reggie’s bank account. Take a look at this broad…

creuelaCmon REG! You could’ve done so much better and you knock her up?!  I mean sure the body is pretty tight probably due to plastic surgery as her face looks like that of a cartoon villain. Gotta start using Trojan condoms instead of the Trojan Horse method by packing all the little guys inside… I guess you are in Buffalo Bills Territory now so this chick is starting to look better and better in my eyes as the Bills Mafia offerings are slim pickings out there bro. I get it, but next time you throw $3 million at the girl, make sure she makes it to the clinic…or spend $48 like the rest of us do with Plan B at the pharmacy. I don’t condone abortion but I also don’t blow fatties in mistresses. Good luck my man!

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