Trump Wins Election

I’ll be honest, that’s a headline I never thought I would write. I stayed awake until 3:00 in the morning watching the coverage and a few things stuck out…

  1. Vegas isn’t always right. My god. On the day Trump announced his candidacy for President he was a 250/1 longshot. By 9:30 last night he was favored and by 11:30 last night he had a 91% chance of winning. Also, a London gambler bet $250,000 on Trump to win. He netted $623,000 with the win.
  2. I also learned that celebrities are more despised than I thought. I won’t say they aren’t influential, because I believe their hate for Trump actually influenced his win. The American people in general were tired of seeing non-relatable celebrities like Jay Z, Katy Perry, and Lena Dunham trot out for Hillary.  It was a terrible strategy  because no average American respects or cares what they have to say.
  3. I admittedly voted for Trump. I’m also not a racist, sexist, or homophobe… There’s a handful of issues that I weighed before making a decision. It’s actually annoying to hear the same people that constantly preach about avoiding assumptions and stereotypes doing just that with those statements. The left preaches tolerance and love until they don’t get their way. My vote for Trump was not a vote for racism or any of those things.
  4. The CNN dude was incredible with the touch screen. No person in America does their respective job better than he did last night. ESPN needs him for play analysis.
  5. I think this was a pushback on “PC America” – It was out of hand. South Park tapped into this social anger with their latest seasons.
  6. Much like the celebrities, the American people were also tired of mainstream media force feeding agendas down their throat. As a result, the largest middle finger in the history of man kind was raised to the elite, to the famous, and most importantly D.C.


Lastly, everyone not happy with the results needs to relax. This is a DEMOCRACY with checks and balances. It’s also the same DEMOCRACY that voted and ELECTED Trump. This wasn’t some coup and it won’t turn into some dictatorship. The entire system was designed that way.

As Aaron Rogers says “RELAX”




One thought on “Trump Wins Election

  1. So does this mean your values about women, minority’s, cheating, abuse, liking the bomb , over 22 million people without insurance , maybe loss of my social security, his 200 businresses in Russia , you don’t agree with , but u voted for him. I will say it once I will say it again read History’s. Read Russian History. And always remember this ” when someone shows you who they are believe them that’s who they are” if they show you selfishness thats who they are. If they show you kindness for nothing that’s who they are if they want something in return that’s who they. You can always relie on that. Read about Not Hitler but Mussolini of world war 2 Italy. If they cheat you they are a cheater.


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