World Series Indians gear destroyed, Instead of Donated. What Gives MLB?!

Well this has to be a first, the MLB, Major League Baseball for those losers who don’t already know, is destroying the gear that was put into production if the Cleveland Indians were to win the World Series. Typically they donate this gear to kids and people in third world countries. They’ve been doing this since 2005, with the Organization World Vision. They say they are no longer doing this to protect teams from inaccurate  merchandise being in the general marketplace. What dumb ass is going to purchase a shirt that says we won the world series? Probably the dude that got it tatted on his arm… Apparently some product in the past has been leaked into the US hands rather going to those in need.indians-tattoo

I was under the assumption that someone was being soft once again because of chief Wahoo. Who knows if everything shakes out for that reason they gave I just feel bad for those waiting on those shirts they were promised…

If those shirts were to make it North I wouldn’t be thrilled seeing someone mocking me with Cleveland Championship shirt on…

This is not me btw, I would never paint my face…

USA Today

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