“Protesting” Isn’t Even Cool Anymore

Back in middle school yo-yo’s were cool for a period of time. So were pogs, tamagotchis, and Ferbies. But before long, when everyone had these toys, they simply weren’t cool anymore…

The same damn thing has happened to “protests”. Last night we saw groups of protestors across the country complaining about the Trump election. I’m not really sure why, as he fairly won in a democratic election. (And don’t even come back at me with the popular vote stuff) Even if you are unhappy, it’s the system we live in. It’s not like someone or something unlawfully screwed you over.

So back to protests growing uncool. I’ll just say it. When CNN was interviewing some of these people my fucking jaw hit the floor. A majority of them don’t even know why they’re out there. In most cases they joined because it was a Wednesday night and RACISM! One hippie chick used this analogy. ” In California we just feel like our best friend keeps coming over for dinner (The rest of the country) and they keep shitting on our cooking. We are tired of feeding them” Huh?

To date, the amount and the frequency of protests has made them lame and unsuccessful. They aren’t even in the same ballpark or justification as the Civil Rights protests during the 60’s. ( Those were PROTESTS) As I watched a burning Trump posters I actually laughed. Don’t these fucking idiots realize this is in part the reason he WON. People are tired of the constant “I’m a poor victim” mentality at every turn. The majority of Americans are sick of these soft ass Millennials bellyaching  all the time and accusing anyone that disagrees with them as racist, homophobic, or sexist. So keep crying. Like my parents did with me as a child. Eventually you’ll wear out and fall asleep in your crib.


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