The Cowboys Should Go Back To Tony Romo

Tony Romo returned to practice this week, but it sounds like Dak will be getting the start. Not for health reasons but because the Cowboys believe Dak gives them the best shot at winning.

People will argue both sides of the debate. But I’m here to say that Romo should start. Sure Dak is winning but Romo has never been able to play with a supporting cast this talented. He’s also been a top-10 quarterback throughout his career and would allow the Cowboys to open up the entire playbook. Plus, they could stretch the field a bit more which would make that running game with Zeke even more dangerous. Dak has been effective with the short passing game but more elements will be helpful come playoff time when defenses lock down to take away a teams best strategy. Not throwing downfield will hurt in big games.

Romo’s experience and ability to adjust run or pass at the line would also be deadly. The Cowboys could pick their poison behind the best line in the entire NFL.

Last year the Broncos went back to Peyton Manning despite Osweiler having success. That move won them a Super Bowl and I truly believe that an experienced Romo would do the same. With Dak they can win some games, with Romo they could win the Super Bowl. And who’s to say the Cowboys wouldn’t be undefeated right now with Romo under center? Besides if he gets hurt again, you know you have a quality guy ready to go right back in.

This clip sums up the mental edge that Romo could provide. Tony says Dammit as he sees the run wont work with a stacked box. Click the link:

Also this is the best Cowboys speech ever. I could win a Super Bowl for them after hearing this.




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