Video – Bill Burr “Nothing Will Change When Trump Is President” – Pure Gold Here Knuckleheads

Bill Burr nails it, everyone needs to calm the fuck down.

BTW – the more and more people whine and bitch, the more and more I like Trump. I felt like I needed to say that.

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I’m offended by his neutralsm




One thought on “Video – Bill Burr “Nothing Will Change When Trump Is President” – Pure Gold Here Knuckleheads

  1. 22 million and then more people will have no insurance . A pre existing illness is someone who has ALS, AIDS PARKISONS, INJURYS, ALL CILDREN WITH DISABILITIES , ALL ILLNESS THAT REQUIRE CARE MORE THEN ONCE WILL BE TURNED DOWN BY INSURANCE COMPANYS AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET ANY HEALTH CARE. CAREGIVERS WILL NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY . LITTLE CHILDREN WILL DIE because no health care. Older people like me will lose my insurance. I will not be able to go to a hospital for anything. not enough money. Global warming scientfallly proven and big company’s will have no restrictions and will increase what they send into the atmosphere this will do damage to our lungs and the environment. Eventually my great grandchildren will not be able to live a quality life. The owners don’t care they care about how much money they can make more more more . Now. The way Trump talks about and treats women will increase domestic violence and rape against woman. He is a buffoon . The hunger games are coming. There is no way to stop it. The poor will be in jail or dyeing young from no health care poor education . It’s important to keep these people dead and small they can do all the shit work and dangerous jobs. We like All great countries History shows us will become a third world nation. Your answer History tells us not what to do. But GREED always wins. The Rich are always with us that equals power


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