The Curious Case Of The Big Ten

Five years ago everyone shit on the chest of Big Ten football. All we heard about was a dying Midwest brand and the incredible SEC.

Well, fast forward to 2016 and a legitimate argument could be made that it’s the deepest and best conference in the country. I don’t think the PAC 12, Big 12, ACC and SEC have any claim over the BIG 10 right now. From depth to coaches it has it all.

I also don’t think we could have a more precarious situation with two weeks remaining in the regular season. As it stands, Penn State has a legitimate shot at representing the East in the Big 10 title game over Ohio State and Michigan.

That’s right…Penn State. This is not a joke. If Penn State wins out and Ohio State knocks off Michigan they will be making the trip. If you would have told me that pre-season I would have laughed in your face.


Shit, tell me that now and I still laugh in your face. The biggest problem is that Michigan and Ohio State are far better than Penn State. I have eyeballs and I’ve watched all three play, it’s really not even that close. If they played 10 times I bet OSU and Michigan win 9.

But what matters are the result on the field and what could  happen is a nightmare scenario for the BIG and the playoff selection committee. Do you send a conference champion to the playoffs or the “best teams?” I don’t have that answer, but the current BIG 10 scenario could be influential in pushing to 8 teams in the near future. Funny when you consider the BIG 10 was written off as a “dying” afterthought just a few short years ago and now they might be the most influential. (First they determine the election. Now College football. In a serious groove right now) We are about to see some fireworks when teams are picked at years end.

*Or Michigan wins out and none of this matters. In that case I just wasted a few minutes of my life*

Every PSU fan right now.


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